Shipping Protection Plan

Take proactive measures to safeguard your package from potential loss, damage, and theft. This ensures that in case your delivery encounters mishaps, you have the option for repair or replacement if deemed necessary.

Shipping Protection coverage begins when your package departs and concludes upon successful delivery to your hands or when you contact us to report any issues that we subsequently resolve.

The Shipping Protection coverage ceases under the following conditions:

1. Safe delivery of your package to its intended destination without damage.

2. Failure of your package to reach its final destination, requiring you to submit a service request for approval or denial, which dictates the continuation of protection.

For items sustaining damage during shipping and final delivery, the protection covers damages up to the point of delivery. You have a 10-day window from the delivery date to initiate a service request. Please note that damages occurring after delivery are not eligible for protection.

Service Requests:

In the event your package incurs damage, you can initiate a service request upon delivery. If your package is lost or stolen, you may submit a service request 5 days after the estimated delivery date, typically available on the shipping carrier's tracking site.

To file a service request, contact us at When making the request, specify whether the item(s) in question were lost, stolen, or damaged. For packages containing multiple items, indicate which protected items are affected.

As part of your service request, we may request additional information and documents, including:

- Photos showing the damaged items, packaging, or packing materials.
- A police report or video surveillance recordings.

Failure to provide these documents within 30 days may lead to the denial of your service request.

If your request is approved, a replacement product will be sent directly to you or your item will be repaired.


Not all items qualify for the Shipping Protection Plan. The following items are ineligible for protection:

- Items with no monetary value, such as complimentary samples or items included with your shipment at no cost.
- Items for which shipping labels are printed but never scanned by the carrier, as they were never shipped.
- Digitally delivered items like subscriptions and plans.

In certain cases, packages may not be in transit or delivered, or they may be returned to the sender for various reasons. In such instances, the package remains protected. However, the service request may not be approved for the following reasons:

- Providing an incorrect shipping address during the online order. Contact us for address correction and rerouting.
- Recipient refusal to sign for the package or declined delivery.
- Packages not delivered after multiple attempts by the shipping carrier.
- Packages held or redirected at the recipient's request.
- Cases of fraud.


If you wish to cancel shipping protection and your order has not yet shipped, please contact us for necessary adjustments. Once the order has shipped, shipping protection is in effect, and a refund cannot be issued. Note that shipping protection is not transferable to items that were not initially protected at the time of purchase.