Playstation 5 - PS5 Console

Unleash pro-gamer in you with lightning-fast speed, 3D audio, and haptic feedback for next-gen games of PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 Console – Features at a Glance

Experience next-generation gaming with high-speed SSD for remarkably fast loading and haptic feedback support for better immersion into the virtual world. The built-in 3D AudioTech maximizes the experience of thrilling sounds coming from HDR-based realistic graphics. All in all, PS5 console for sale here at Bien Home unleashes that beast of a gamer inside you and takes your imaginations to the next level of reality. Buy playstation 5 consoles online combined with superb discounts via package deals at Bien Home Furniture.

Ultra-High-Speed SSD
Haptic Feedback
3D Audio Tech
Stunning Next-Gen Games
HDR Technology
Quick Control Center

Why Choose Bien Home Furniture for a PS5?

Playstation 5 - PS5 Console in Houston | Bien Home Furniture & Electronics

Wondering where to buy PS5 in Houston, TX? Bien Home Furniture offers the best deals on Playstation 5 near Houston, TX combined with Smart TV and furniture sets, so buy PS5 console online at budget-friendly rates. Let’s have a look at some of the most tempting features of PlayStation 5 for sale that you can get at the best price from our outlet:

Fast & Expandable SSD

Sony enables you to expand the SSD storage of PS5, but doesn’t Microsoft offer the same for Xbox? Yes! But Sony goes a step further and enables you to install 3rd party SSD solution. As for the speed, PS5 SSD is deemed “ultra-high-speed” for a reason! It runs 2x faster than that of Xbox X/S, significantly reducing the load time for installed games. Both come at the same price, certainly in terms of PS5 price in Texas, certainly this gaming console has an edge over Xbox in terms of features.

3D Audio & Haptic Feedback

The all-new Tempest 3D Audio design changes the way you set off on an adventurous gaming session. It’s integrated into the console and thus, isn’t needed to be bought as additional hardware. Furthermore, the Haptic Feedback further allows you to immerse yourself into the gaming environment. Haptic Feedback is enabled via a DualSense controller equipped with a one-of-a-kind “adaptive trigger” feature.

Compatibility with PS4

Almost all PS4 games are compatible with PS5, which means that you’ll get to experience your ever-admired games in the HDR technology of the latest PlayStation. Furthermore, with the Haptic Feedback & fast loading features enabled on many titles, playing these games on PS5 would make them look more like remasters. So, shop PS5 console and experience old games with enhanced graphics.

Package Deals

Aside from single unit gaming consoles, Bien Home Furniture actively offers package deals on PS5. Combined with our 4K Ultra HD smart TV, your gaming experience is certainly pushed to the next level; so here’s to present a deal of PS5 + Smart LED TV at our store. In addition, being a furniture store, we actively roll out different packages involving furniture sets + PS5 console for sale Houston, Texas. So, make sure you never miss out on them if you want to alleviate your furniture needs and appease your gaming enthusiasm as well.

We serve in four different locations across Greater Houston metro area, so buy PS5 console in store near Houston, TX.